Theme Is Crashing RW - Any Advice/Ideas?

How RWers- This one has me stumped.

I’m using Michael David’s Endeavor Theme and I’ve run into a strange scenario.


  • If I try to preview or publish, RW hangs. 100% reproducible

Current Work Around:

  • If I select a different theme everything works fine
  • STRANGENESS: If I select a different theme, preview, then re-selct Endeavor, everything works fine.

Problem with Current Work Around:

  • When I select a different theme and then go back to Endeavor, all my custom styles are lost. Have a look at the dialog box RW creates when I switch themes (enclosed)
  • Needless to say, its like a completely different website- Totally different. I mean everything is different, images don’t look right, etc…

Any thoughts of a way to fix this without almost trashing my entire project?

Many thanks!

Setup: RW 7.2.2, Latest Stacks (all up-to-date), and all Stacks up to date. 10.11.6 on MBP L15 8/SSD

Sweet! Wow… The power of the forum is better than ever. Right after posting this, I had an idea to fix it and it worked. Just in case other run into this problem, here’s how I fixed it:

  • Went back in time in TimeMachine and pulled a previous version of the project file back
  • Add a basic text stack
  • Save the file under a brand new name
  • Quit RW and restart
  • Open rapid weaver and open the new file
  • Shazam… it worked. :sparkler:
  • Removed that extra stack I added

For some reason, it took those exact steps. No idea why. I’m thinking it has to do with OS Application Caching (not web caching), but I’m not sure. Anyway, maybe this will help other.