Colors not matching up?

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #1

I’m using Sip to get colors and put the values into RW. For some reason, the colors RW is displaying is slightly off from what I put in.

Am I the only one with this problem?

Colors in RapidWeaver and other, why different?!
(Doobox Software) #2

Hi @BrandonCorlett, The reasons are long and complex. But suffice to say you are not alone. Different apps employ different methods of calculating the colour of the chosen pixel, and the differences in the method produce every so slightly different results.

There is no right or wrong (standard). Just different standards. Think Betamax v’s VHS.

(Gary) #3

It isn’t just Sip and can be seen with the standard Apple colour picker too when using inside RW.

(Rob D) #4

I also noticed the difference between HSB Sliders and RGB Sliders. In some instances, the color input in one of them does not match the other. I guess those methods are out-of-synch, at least in RW.

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #5

Thnks for the replies. It’s good to know that I’m not just imagining things.

(Simon Maddox) #6

@BrandonCorlett thanks for reporting this! Could you provide an example of where it’s going wrong?

Where do you put the colour values into RapidWeaver? What colour values do you put in? What do you get out?

EDIT: Which colour profile are you using in Sip too?

(Jochen Abitz) #7

Check your color profiles setup in Sip.

(Paul Russam) #8

I’m not at my mac at the mo so I’m typing this from memory.
It’s easy to replicate, try this:

  • Go to a Stack with a colour setting, click it and set it to a colour, record/remember the values)
  • From the colour picker, use the sample tool and sample the colour either in the setting’s well or from the coloured element on the page.
  • Compare the values

(Gary) #9

Simon, this isn’t a new thing. RW has always been like this and this topic has been discussed many times over the years.

(Simon Maddox) #10

Thanks @webdeer, I’m aware. However, what I’m after is steps that I can follow in the latest version of RapidWeaver so that perhaps this issue can be fixed once and for all :slight_smile:

(Gary) #11

Paul’s simple instructions above are the steps to follow to reproduce the issue.

(Adam Shiver) #12

thanks for reporting this! Could you provide an example of where it’s going wrong?

Where do you put the colour values into RapidWeaver? What colour values do you put in? What do you get out?

EDIT: Which colour profile are you using in Sip too?

Hey @simon!

This is something I reported in the Developer Forum back in June 2016. If you go to that category and do a search for Color you should be able to find the report. @Doobox posted there as well in regards to color profiles. Maybe that thread will help some, too. If you need the link, send me a PM.

(Paul Russam) #13

Here you go, I’ve recorded a little movie that clearly shows the problem.

Imagine a user sets a colour on one element and then picks it and aplies it to a 2nd, picks that and applies it to the 3rd etc etc etc, you can see from my video just how much the colors would differ.

Here’s a zipped version of the movie

(Simon Maddox) #14

Thanks @PaulRussam. I’ve managed to replicate it on Master Style rather than in a Stacks page using your video, which means I’ll be able to debug it end-to-end :tada:

(Paul Russam) #15

Here’s what I suspect is going on (but cant verify/prove it):
A colour is set that has an rgb value, the element is set to this colour but…
What is displayed on screen is the corrected version as per MacOS’s colour profile then…
When the same element is sampled (of the screen) the sampled colour is the corrected one NOT the set one, this would explain why the sampled colour changes on each pick/set.

(Gary) #16

Great news. Really looking forward to this one being fixed.

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #17

Woohoo! I come back to type a reply and it’s already done. Thanks @PaulRussam for providing a detailed report.

And thank you @simon for looking into this. Having this work as expected will make this go so much better!

I actually have a project that will require the colors to match exactly so this will allow me to finally check that one off the list. :grinning:

(Simon Maddox) #18

No promises that it’ll be fixed - it’s a very complex issue. I’ll do what I can though.

(Simon Maddox) #19

Hi all,

I wanted to provide an update on this - we’ve been speaking directly with Apple to try and find the best solution.

Unfortunately, Apple have said that this is currently expected behaviour in macOS. They’ve asked that we file a bug report, but I’ve no idea if/when they’ll ever look at fixing it.

If you’d like a bit more detail, it’s because the colour picker selects a colour based on your display’s current colour profile and it ignores the colour profile we tell it to use. You can seemingly override the colour profile settings in macOS for every colour related tool except this one.

Sorry I couldn’t share better news with everyone on this issue.



(Brandon Scott Corlett) #20

Thanks for the update! Do you have a link to where they want the bug report to be filed?

I may put up some post on various forums and ask anyone else who has experienced issues with the color picker to submit a report.

Hopefully the more reports they get they more likely they will be to task someone with fixing it.