Any developers in Western Michigan?

(Eric Eckert) #1

Hello, I am looking for a RapidWeaver developer, prefer Western Michigan, to produce three small business sites in RW7.5.
Nothing fancy in the sites, just a business presence, with contact form. All three businesses are of an industrial technical nature. I have RW7.5 and would want to make changes to it over time to add and freshen. Likely I would do these changes myself, but if we click, I might be interested in a maintenance contract.

I would consider someone elsewhere, and do some kind of escrow payment service or something like that.


(Raimo Karhunen) #2

I live in Grand Rapids MI and have done somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 Rapidweaver websites over the Years. Message me.

(Justin) #3

Hi I’m in South Florida? Anyway here’s my webiste (built with RW), check out the folio most are RW too. If you like what you see - reach out! Cheers - Justin

(system) #4

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