Any experience with Github pages?

Ok, so I was looking for a host and somebody suggested Github Pages. Apparently, I can upload a static website (which is what RW makes) and even have a custom URL. That seems a bit too good to be true but has anyone experience with using Github Pages as a host?

Yes. This for example is a GitHub page: Home | Blankstrap 5

The content is generated by RapidWeaver, exported into the corresponding GIT repository in a subfolder named docs, which then is the base for the GitHub pages.

You have several options from where a GitHub page takes its content from.

Thank you. A few more questions:

  1. The URL is now Home | Blankstrap 5 Is it possible to have for example as a URL* I always thought you need to pay for a URL
  2. I found a nice theme that I want to use (Flood theme)
  3. I see you need to know Bootstrap. I have very limited coding experience. Would that be a problem?

Yes: Configuring a custom domain for your GitHub Pages site - GitHub Docs

GitHub pages in combination with a RapidWeaver export can be done with any theme. Doesn’t have to be the example theme.

Thank you. Ok, will get started building my website and get back if I have more questions.

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