Can anyone recommened a web host that supports Wordpress and plays well with RapidWeaver?

Hi guys. I use RapidWeaver exclusively to create websites. I’ve never used WordPress and honestly have no desire to. However, a client of mine hired me to head the creative of his restaurant after severing ties with his former partners who previously handled all the web stuff. So the restaurant’s website was created with WordPress.

We need to transfer the existing website over to a new host and stay with that for a few weeks or months, then I’d like to redo the website using RapidWeaver. Here’s the current website url:

Can anyone recommend a web host that supports WordPress and plays nice with RapidWeaver—especially forms—as well? Just a relatively simple website with some ticket-purchasing widgets, a reservation widget, newsletter signup forms, etc. And email address for maybe 15 people.

I trust you guys more than just about anyone so I’m hoping you could help me out, yet again.


Hi Steve

Happy to help. Wordpress and RW work great on Chillidog Hosting :slight_smile:

Let me know. I’d be happy to get you migrated.


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Thanks Greg! I emailed you with the details from your website form a little while ago.

just got it and replied. thanks :slight_smile:

Nice job on this site! Is the current site still Wordpress or is it now RW? What theme did you use (either WO or RW)? I had to start learning Wordpress this week and am now more curious about it.

The site that the OP linked to is built with RapidWeaver and the Clearing theme from Nick Cates

Chillidog Hosting is the best! Been using for 7-8 years. @barchard (Greg) has the best support.