Any ideas - Would like to make an Advent Calender for shop promotion

Hi All,
Ive been using Rapid weaver for about 5 years now for our cycle shop .

Id Like to make an online advent calendar for offers in the shop running upto christmas eve

Does anyone know if this would be possible / could point me in the right direction for info.

Im no expert as Ive basically a very large shop site using rapid cart thats making my Mac smoke a little :slight_smile:

Hope someone can help


@FinUK, you could use Joe Workman’s TARDIS Stack to show the promo’s on your home page, when clicked then could go to the store and auto fill in a promo code maybe.

What TARDIS does is allow you to set up dates and times materials show/hide on your website, your always on banner could be advent calendar banner image, the next slide could be the days promotion with a promo code, you would make a slide for each day of the advent calendar and tell TARDIS when to show/hide each.

There are other stacks out there that do similar like seyDesign TimeRelease (PHP), CosCulture’s Scheduled Publisher, that’s just at a quick glance through the Stacks section of Realmac.

If you’re wanting to do it right inside RapidCart, I do not know if possible. You would have to tell people RapidWeaver Version, Stacks Version and RapidCart Version for further assistance.

Hope it helps a little