Calendar Stack Recommendations

I’m looking for a variety of calendar stacks to view and choose from. If you’re familiar with their pros and cons, I’d love to hear about it!! Thx my fellow RWers!!

Yeah. I wonder if anyone is using them much.
I’ve had a similar question & its crickets.

(While I am not in any position offer advice, just thought I’d let you know somebody saw your post).

Two of the more popular ones would be Event Calendar from Rapid Ideas and Datesnap from Yabdab. I have the former (not the latter) but have only used it for very basic / exploratory purposes so far. I do like it though

Do you have any specific functionality that you need?

I bought the Rapid Ideas calendar. It seems to be working ok. Thanks guys!

Can I pop in here to respond since Devin has his selection? (Not being the original poster).

In my instance I’m looking for a clean way to publish a calendar which, in use,
links to a daily comic as a pop up.

I have no idea what problems I might run into doing this, or special features to look for in a calendar plug-in to facilitate this, hence my question.

Another interest - not exactly calendar - but would be protecting the calendar image similarly to this:

Not totally sure… You could try the Rapid Ideas stack. You can format it so that it only shows the upcoming list of events, and not the full calendar, then you could limit the events to 1, so it only showes the one event (i.e. the Comic of the Day). But it’d just be a link to wherever the comic is hosted.

You could also try something like Time Release ( or Tardis and maybe set a weeks worth of content and you could make it a lot more visually appealing though it seems like it’d be pretty time consuming this way.

Not totally sure if I’ve read your request right but two potential approaches…

Thanks. Will visit those.

Would this work?

Expiry sounds promising for temp sale items. Not what I was first envisioning, but may apply.
No toon sites seems to be using the calendar mode so much anymore, if one looks at GoComics, etc.

I will look more closely, thanks.

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I’m pleased with the Rapid Ideas calendar.

I really like datesnap. Especially the fact that it works with both Calendar app and Google Calendar.

One of my clients uses it and she can just add her events to her calendar then they show up on her site.

On testimonials:
Great, but its a little vague as to what people like or dislike about endorsed stacks.
That doesn’t give a basis for choices.

Does anyone have an analysis of pros & cons of various stacks?
Or even the just stack they prefer?

How do they use it - which helps differentiation, or lauds outstanding features.

Hi all,

I use DateSnap2 by Yabdab which works great with iCal and Google but from what I understand it doesn’t work with Outlook.

I’m looking for a calendar stack that will work with Outlook…any ideas please or maybe a work around that would work with DateSnap2??

How can we get an calendar shared from Outlook to either Google Calendar or iCal.

Sadly I don’t own a PC with Outlook that I can test anything on…well not sadly really…don’t think I’d ever want to go back to a PC, but that’s another story.

Thanks in advance for all your brilliant ideas.

Cheers Scott

I have been using DateLoom for years and it is really good, but all support is now discontinued and I am sure there won’t be a universal build in the future. I have looked at the stacks mentioned here — Rapid Ideas Calendar, Datesnap — but it seems they are all discontinued as well. Still looking for a suitable stack to make use of a Google Calendar.

Maybe Kalendar? Kalendar - RapidWeaver Stack by Weavium

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