Any IE 11 users that can check a link?

HI all,

I’m putting together a newsletter in Foundation where the client wants the ability to print each section separately. I’ve tried a couple of different “Print Stacks” - both worked great in everything except IE 11 (at least it doesn’t on my copy). So, if anyone out there has a copy of IE 11 and would test any of the Print This Section buttons on the following site, and let me know if it works or not, I’d really appreciate it.



only seeing 1st page contents but print preview has a second blank page, using ie11 on windows 10 via parallels.

Thanks @pmjd - sounds like it’s not working quite right for you, either. Copying @willwood so he’s aware (it could be user error, but I get the same thing when I use IE 11 on his product page, too).