Can someone with IE11 check a site for me?

(Dave) #1

I would appreciate it if anyone with access to IE 11 would check the menu on the site above (it’s under construction). It does not work in my version of IE 11, but it’s locked-down by corporate policy. So, perhaps a policy I don’t have access to is causing the issue. It seems to work in in all other browsers (Mac & Windows).

Many thanks! Dave

(Dave Farrants) #2

All looks to be good in IE11 / Win7

(Greg) #3


Works ok on Win 10/IE 11 except the TV style rendering shimmers - well that might just be my old screen as it shimmers in Chrome as well but not on my Mac.

Didn’t go through the site in detail though but all seems to work fine.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #4

Looks fine, don’t see any issues on IE 11.
Good site, clean. Great work Dave!!

(Riky) #5

Works well on parallels windows 10 i.e. 11, the site is great, congratulations.

(Dave) #6

Awesome - thanks for the replies! I’m glad everyone seems to like the design.

I guess the menu anomaly that I and a couple other people are seeing is just that…something not to worry about. As the site won’t be ready to go live until April, if anyone sees an issue between now and then, please let me know.

I’m going to take the overlay off, @wirrah. I like the effect until/unless someone clicks on the window - at that point the shimmering looks bad.