Any news on Rapidweaver 8?

Hi - I am just curious if there are any first impressions or feature teasers for us devoted users… @dan?


We’ll hopefully have some news soon. We plan on doing a more open beta so you can use it as we’re developing (if you want to).

By doing this, we’ll be able to get feedback from you guys as we build it! slight_smile:

Look out for an official announcement in the coming the months.



Does anyone know a possible time frame for Rapidweaver 8 being released?

I’m on Rapidweaver 5 and want to do some more work on my website and so considering upgrading to Rapidweaver 7, but if Rapidweaver 8 is only around the corner, I’ll hold off.

If I updated to 7 and 8 was released a couple of months later, it would be mighty annoying!

You’ve got 14 hours to get it with 4 other Apps for $15 -

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I agree, get it for this price. It is WELL worth it.

If I recall the last version correctly, the time between when i got in on the beta and the actual launch was just about 3 months, I believe. So, if the beta announcement is a couple of months away yet, and RW 8 2-3 months after that (and that is if you’re an early adopter) I’d say you’re good to get on RW 7.

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In cases of you purchasing / upgrading to RW shortly before a new version release, we’d make sure you got the latest version.


Since your upgrading from 5 make sure you follow the steps in this KB, as it is not a “direct” upgrade.


Many thanks to the replies. Up and firing along with Rapidweaver 7 for the grand price of about £9.

Great to hear it, enjoy!

Happy Weaving :slight_smile:

Looking forward to use RW8 beta soon.

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