Upgrade from Version 6 to Version 8

I’m still making good use of Version 6. Will I be able to upgrade to Version 8 for $49.99? Or if I upgrade to Version 7 now, will there be a free upgrade to Version 8 if the release is coming soon?

Thanks in advance.

I heard a rumour that RapidWeaver 8 might ship within the next few weeks, I’d hold off until then to upgrade.

Keep on weaving!


Thanks, Dan! I downloaded a demo of v. 7, which is nice. Looking forward to v. 8.

No beta this time?


So bloody stoked for 8. I have two different large projects that I’m about to start, after about a year away from any serious work, and I’d love to begin them with RW 8…

Hold tight everyone. We’re pushing hard to ship RapidWeaver 8 — It will be out this month!!!


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