Any plugin for user authentication

(Per-Olof Hermansson) #1

I would like to use RW as a substitute for a Wordpress site.

But I need a simple user authentication module.

Is this possible?

(Per-Olof Hermansson) #2

Found Lockdown! It ought to work for my needs!

(Mark Spaulding) #3

Is Lockdown compatible with RW 6? The version I have is not.

Joe Workman’s Page Safe is a really elegant solution. It is what I use now.

Good luck.

(Per-Olof Hermansson) #4

It worked for my in RW6, anyway!

(Per-Olof Hermansson) #5

The crucial factor for me was that I need to import a few hundred users, with passwords, and this functionality is there (in Lockdown)

(Mark Spaulding) #6

Wow! I am glad it worked for you. I get a pop up that says it is not compatible

Glad you found a solution.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #7

Loghound has two versions of plugins, one for RapidWeaver 5 and one for RapidWeaver 6. Search their site, you should be able to find them!