Any Recommended Udemy Course for CMS/Database Data Handling to Build Own Stack?


In a similar vein to another thread…

I’ve got a php script/solution for creating a website like Autotrader in the UK. It can’t integrate directly with RW, instead it exists as it’s own self contained site within the RW site.

Is there any recommendations for a php course (Udemy are perpetually on sale and look good) that would help me to be able to build stacks that can pull info from the database that exists already to create a list of the car inventory that can be filtered and then create individual display pages with full information.

I haven’t seen any stacks capable of doing this. TCMS 2 should do but it’s still a while away to release. So thought I might well give it a try and see if I could learn something useful and apply it.

So any suggestions/recommendations?


Maybe this one…?

I don’t know of any course for building stacks any Udemy or any place else.

There is the stacks API documentation and some samples on GitHub.

Thanks Matthias, I had a look but I don’t think it will work because I want to have multi-level filtering (think car make filters to car model available).

Probably better if I give the site I have to better explain things.
Each item pulls info, multiple tables, for car details and features.

The main thought I had was to learn to use php, via a course, to alter the existing php scripts to be stacks friendly. Rather than reinventing the wheel completely.

@teefers I wasn’t expecting an actual build a RW stacks course to be avaialble anywhere, hopefully the above clarifies things. I was looking for any recommendations for a php course that would give me an idea of how to bring in info from a SQL database, via php, on to a stacks page.

Got it,

I haven’t taken any of Reese’s courses, but they look like they are pretty complete and right up there. I think if you pick one like the Netflix’s or Spotify clones you should learn enough of the basics of PHP, SQL and JavaScript to do what you want.

I’ve got a couple of his courses on my Udemy wishlist if I ever get to them.

I have actually planned out a ‘Build your own stack’ course to go on my Rapidweaver Academy (at some point!).


Thanks, will have a look at his courses. A couple of others look good too but at least I can see previews.

@habitualshaker sounds great, with so many options it would be interesting to see what you have planned!

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