Stacks Advise on a reliable database/CMS solution

I am looking for a solid and reliable CMS stack that can be used for:

  1. Building a custom online form and storing the data in that form. Form should be responsive (work on mobile screen)
  2. The stored data can be searched (using search form/page). Search should be fast
  3. Searched data (stored data) can be displayed in a customized way on the page
  4. Login/register
  5. data can be searched to generate custom reports (example: number of applications made by company x)

Will appreciate your help in recommending a reliable solution - I use Rapidweaver 7.3.1 + stacks. I need a solution that does not require any coding (don’t know coding)


You may want to consider MachForms. Not a stack, it’s a standalone solution that integrates nicely with RW in a variety of ways. Easy to create, review responses, create reports and charts. Can place forms in RW in a variety of ways.

I know of no stack that will do all you are requesting.

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Yeah checked it out - has all the bells and whistles, will talk to MachForms support to learn more about it’s search features and displaying data in a customized way - thanks

I am still open to other solutions similar to MachForms - if anyone knows of other solutions, please share - I would like to compare other solutions before i make my decision to purchase