Any suggestions for a "news" style page?

Okay so I want to have a site where I make regular posts on daily topics, What would be the best way to go? Right now I am using a blog page but I think it could be better doing it another way. I just am not sure how to do it. I haven’t launched my site yet, I was thinking maybe you Realmacers could offer some suggestions. I want it to look modern and sleek :slight_smile: Also when I share a news story what is the proper protocol for sharing. I know I should give props to the author and the site but is there anything else I should or shouldn’t do? I don’t want to offend or have people think I’m stealing from them. Also I would like to if possible do a comment with the articles. Does anyone here run anything like what I described? Okay and one other question… how much content do you need before you launch a site like that? How many articles and stories are needed before it looks somewhat official ?
All answers are greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Have you checked out @instacks Blog stack used in conjunction with and @instacks Manta Theme for

This will allow you to remotely make additions to the blog/news page without having to launch RapidWeaver.

Offers RSS feed, markdown editing, posting to social networks (sharing), image importing, multi-columns, discuss support coming and many other features.

I used at and the data is pulled into (I have not used images yet, haven’t had any to post really lol) - no credit required if you decide to go this route…

There are other options available such as Armadillo by @nimblehost or the forthcoming release of Total CMS by @joeworkman (Blog part currently under development and not available publicly).

As for number of stories, you could start with 1 if you wanted to.

If this is not what you’re looking for please disregard :wink:



You might also want to check out - sounds like it’ll do what you need.
Watch this video to see how to setup a link-list style blog:



I’d echo the rest on what you could use (Armadillo, Typed, upcoming TotalCMS blog - which I’ve tried the beta on and must say is pretty slick).

With sharing, I think the author, title, and a link to the original content is sufficient.

As for how much content you need, I’d say it depends on how often you will be posting. Based on that, have enough articles/posts that shows your posting frequency/pattern. So, if you’re doing multiple posts per day, then going back a few days so when someone comes to visit your site they’ll know what to expect. If it is once a week, have posts that go back 3 or 4 weeks.

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Would recommend Typed. Showed a client and they snapped it up.

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Typed with blog stack.


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That link didn’t work for me :frowning: sorry

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Sorry, Typo…


Looking at the site.

I still think a simple theme with offsite page links to typed would be the way to go.

Some of the themes on typed are looking great and will really pop your content out.


I choose Typed and the blog stack for two reasons;

Typed is easy for the volunteers to create the posts and it is clean

The blog stack has the option to only show posts with a specific tag. This allows posts with tag “X” to show up on one page and posts with a different tags to show up on other pages. Right now they are only using three but in the future there will be more. It has worked very well.