Any suggestions to add pass through form

Looking to design a better web form submission experience for users. I’m wanting to add a simple form when they click on get started the field that passes the same information into a 2nd that gets the additional information needed.

I want to capture just the property address, name, and phone for initial capture. Then the same information populates to a larger form asking for additional information.

Is there a plugin or any recommendations.

I like the look of Siphon by 1LD. It lets you set up slides of questions and then you can use shortcodes to put the answers into other slides.

You might want to consider MachForm. Works wonderfully. Very powerful. Not a stack or plugin but works with RW great. See more here:

Especially notice conditional logic feature:

Also a bit more about logic options:

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I second this one. I have it and it is really nice.

There is also Web Form Builder from Coffeecup Software. Like Machform it is a standalone product.

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