Form Stack or Plugin Suggestion?

I’m building a page on my site for clients to submit there info for me to make them a website.

So my question is, does anyone know of a form Stack or Plugin that has an option I can have ppl hit a plus button to add an additional item of the same kind?

For example - If I have a Textarea option for someone to give info for what content they want on a page, I’d want them to be able to just hit a plus button to show another Textarea item so they can give content info for another page.

Kind of like a multi step option like formloom has but one that will give someone a choice to hit like a plus or duplicate button to add the same form item they just chose.

Should not be a problem to accomplish with MachForm. It is neither a plugin or a stack. It’s an independent resource. But it works very nicely with Rapidweaver. Several folks, including me and @dave, use MachForm a lot. More here:

I use Chillidog’s FormsPlus to do something similar and that works well.


What you’re looking for is super easy using the logic function with MacForm. Just as easy is the ability to give your client admin rights just to the form it so that they can add/delete/edit questions without involving you. And- this is perhaps the best part- once the MySQL db is setup, you never touch it again- including if you (or your client) later decide to ask additional questions. And, get this, if setting up the db worries you, the MachForm guys will do it for you- for free!

Adding a MachForm to your site is also incredibly easy. You just copy the code into an html stack- and you’re done.

If you have any questions, please reach out. I’m happy to assist. And, no, I do not have any affiliation with them. I’m just a very happy customer who has over 60 forms in various sites.


I appreciate these recommendations but unless they have a trial or demo I could use to re create my setup then I’m not really see just from looking that they will do what I’m needing. Or there a bit pricey and or are not RW add-ons.

Additionally, in another way of describing it I am looking for a section of a form to be created as a template in a way, where people can get a plus or next button and on the next page it would have exactly what they just filled out on the previous section.

Anyone have any other RW add-on suggestions?

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