Anybody know how to do Source Order of column in Foundation 6?

Hiya Weavers, just been going round in circles so thought the ever handy forum again…

Trying to set up a column in Foundation 6 with a source order (as used in F1) of width 8 units with alignment set to offset of 4.

Anybody know what the new method of doing this is? Or if it is now a totally different approach?

Any advice really appreciated.


Ah! I found it, bottom right right in front of me.

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Thought I should elaborate for anybody else that is wondering how this is done after a forum search…

You have to use Columns Pro stack to get the functionality and place a standard column with your content inside. With a combination of these two nested stacks the source order and offset can be achieved.

At least that is how I have managed it.

That seems correct. I have a video that teaches this.

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That’s great Joe thanks, I’m still a bit wooly on it with it being a bit more of trail and error so this is helpful.


Where is that F6 trail exactly?

I’ve been looking for it for months now out here in the Foundation 6 wilderness, as it probably works better than the trial I’ve been on.

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The trail is in the woods of course with Bob Carolgees and Spit the Dog. Where else would Bob walk his misunderstood dog?

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