Foundation theme and 5 col layout issue

(Lemuel Jordan) #1

I have a 5 col stack inside a tab on add-on Clear Tabs. I have been trying to get the col’s to align properly by adjusting the grid size for each column. I am at the following point and don’t know how to correct it. See image below.

Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated

(scott williams) #2

The key here is they have to add up to 12
5 doesn’t go into 12 even so either all wo t be same size or you are gonna have a space somewhere.

(Lemuel Jordan) #3

Ok, thanks, That was what I needed. I am a newbie to RapidWeaver, so still have a lot to learn. I had watch the training on the Grid layout, but somehow it didn’t truly click until now.

(Gary) #4

Foundation doesn’t do 5 columns but the standard Stacks 5 Col can be used.

(Lemuel Jordan) #5

Ok, I am confused that Foundation doesn’t do 5 Columns. This is screen shot of Foundation library , well partial screen shot. As you can see there is a 5 Column selection there.

(Doug Bennett) #6

Foundation does support any number of columns but they have to add up to 12.
Checkout this page and the video at the end

(Lemuel Jordan) #7


Going through it again, I must not have completely got it all first time.