Foundation 1 and Foundation 6 Stacks in Library - Easy to tell apart?

Hi all, could a Foundation 6 user be able to answer this for me please. Are Foundation 1 Stacks and Foundation 6 stacks easy to tell apart in the library, do they have different icons or labels or some other identifier?

Thinking of upgrading to 6, but I have a number of sites built with 1 that often require tweaks and additions, it is unfeasible to rebuild them all again from scratch with 6. So would need to be able to maintain Foundation 1 sites (until they have a full new redseign) but start afresh new sites with Foundation 6. Just don’t want to be getting features such as Columns, Image etc the wrong versions dragged on to the wrong theme/structure.


Foundation 6 stacks all have a tag(foundation 6 for the stacks, and F6 for the templates). So you can find them an easily with a search and then put them in a group of their own.


That’s great to know, thanks for the info @teefers

You might want to put the old F1 stacks into a group of there own. They have a tag of just Foundation.

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Makes sense, thanks.

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