Yuzool booking stack - how easy is it to use?

Hi all, I’m considering Yuzool’s booking stack for my next project. If you are using it how are you finding it? How fast is the support with this stack? I’m looking on the Booking Stack page which says you also need the Checkout Stack, is this right? Just double checking because the link on the Booking Stack page is broken.

Well, I was not intending to opine about it on my own, but your post regarding Booking stack made me decide to share my own experience.

You can use either Checkout or Cart, but you will be mostly on your own, or relying on the help of other users. There is virtually no support from Yuzool. Be careful whether or not to invest in products such as Booking stack.

I have bought Booking stack few weeks back and now I decided to abandon it, as well as my future interest in Yuzool’s products. I support those developers who support me. There is plenty to choose from more reliable sources, although finding a replacement in this particular instance (Booking Stack) won’t be easy, at least at this time.


You can’t add two booking stacks to a page, for example, even though their videos claim it can. Listed as a Feature in past release notes.

Ok many thanks for the input, I’ll take it on board. :slight_smile:

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I recently bought it for a project. The demo website said that booked dates would be blocked out, but I think that you have to manually enter the booked dates by opening up RW, entering the booked dates, and then publishing the updates.

I’ve tried contacting @yuzool about this over two weeks ago, but he still hasn’t replied. This is super impractical. I don’t want my client to send me emails every time that they have a booking.

For me, it’s a useless stack and I wish I had never bought it. A booking stack should be able to manage booked dates automatically so that I don’t have to enter them manually.

Also, I wish Yuzool would get back to me. It looks like he hasn’t replied to anyone in the past few weeks.

I have replied to this before @garth

  • Booked dates are automatically blocked and come up with a message like “sorry that day is booked”
  • You can also manually re-publish times which are not suitable for the provider - for example say you can’t do Wednesdays at 1800 or something
  • The front end doesn’t yet show the dates that are booked unless you hook in Google Calendar. But if it has been booked and is in the Booking Stack CSV file then it can’t be booked a second time.

I’m not sure what your issue is @Rovertek but you can use any payment Stack to take payment with it. Checkout and Cart are optional.

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