RW7.1.4 crashing on publishing

Hi There

Is anyone else having problems exporting under RW7.1.4 it will export Ok, but freezes during publishing, I now have a client site down because of it.

Also I STI;; get a message about failing to locate? or upload plugins.

Any help is appreciated as it is a client’s set that is affected.

It just happened to me tonight with 7.1.4. Also with this version, if I don’t Save before I Preview, it crashes. Yesterday, it crashed EIGHT times before I figured out exactly when the crashes occurred.

Here as well. Try to set the number of concurrent downloads to 1 (slowest).
This helped me.

I’m publishing to a local folder. It still repeatedly crashes.

Are you using Pluskit? This will crash. Disable/delete it.

Same thing happens to me… and I was only changing one digit in a bottom padding from 10 to 5px.

No PlusKit. It dependably crashes on publishing and it dependably crashes on exporting. The machine has the same configuration as it did with the previous version. The previous version didn’t have this problem. I now have two client’s sites down because of this issue.

I tried reinstalling stacks to see if that was the problem but 7.1.4 also crashed repeatedly while installing stacks. This is really irritating! Didn’t anybody test 7.1.4?

Hm. Please send the crash report to @dan they are looking for bugs to fix :slight_smile:

OK, I’ll admit to being clueless about sending a specific crash report. Each time, I’ve sent the crash report via the RW Problem Reporter that pops up and I’ve added a short blurb about what was happening when it crashed. Where is the detailed info about the crash stored on my computer?

The log files are added to the report, as well as a system report, and all of it is send together via the crash reporter.

My version 7.1.4 is not freezing when I try to publish but it does produce a pop-up window:

Exception while exporting site:

*** -[NSURL initFileURLWithPath:]: nil string parameter

Seems exporting halts and of course the site is not published.

I can click on “OK” and then continue editing the project.

How about the issue of plugins not loading message, had any of those?

If you have a plugin not loading, it could be because the plugin is not the latest version. What plugins are you seeing this happen with.



Can you send a copy of your file to us at YourHead? We are looking into this but do not have a file that shows the exception.

Christi Carew
YourHead Software

Hi Christi,

Isaiah already responded and determined the issue was with RW, not Stacks (this is on a thread in the RapidWeaver forms:

RW 7.1.5 does not fix export bug