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My apologies if this has already been covered, I did search.

Do any of you know of a stack that will allow me to incorporate a Numbers three-column table into a webpage?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Peter,

I just launched EasyDB :

Allows import of csv file into a database & then display the content dynamically.
I think this is a great fit for you.


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Thanks, I appreciate the reply, but as I only want to embed one table $65 is more than I can justify.

(Gianluigi) #4

RWExtra CSV to Table is cheaper.
You must convert before in CSV from numbers.

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Grid Iron is a little bit more expensive…

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This one is only $8:

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I used to do this with the schedule for a local TV station on their web site. I just exported the spreadsheet from Numbers as a PDF and placed that as an image on the web page. Replaced once a week. Worked just fine for that purpose. That is if you don’t need it to interact with your visitors like a spreadsheet.

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That worked, thanks for your help😎

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Thanks. I’ll try that, certainly more in my price range:grinning:

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