Inserting a list from Excel into a page

I am pretty new to web development and
RapidWeaver. I have a page which is a list of people, places, dates, etc. This list is in Excel format. How do I create a page and insert the file?

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Do you want to display the contents of the file or have the excel file available for download?

Do you use stacks or just Rapidweaver and one of it’s themes?

Thanks for the help. I want to be able to display the contents of the file

Why not just export the data to a csv file and use PowerGrid CSV to display the data.

There are a couple of options…

There is Grid Iron from Chilling software, which can read excel files and display them as sortable and searchable tables.

The other option is to export the excel file to another format (as @joemart1951 said CSV) so it can be read.

A CSV file (Comma Separated Values) is a fairly standard way of exporting data like spreadsheet information. Easy to export from Excel, give your first rows as the titles of all the columns your interested in (makes it easier to know what is what) and have the data in each column.

For CSV files to table there is Powergrid CSV from Weavers space.

Another option is to use Goggle’s GSheet spreadsheet app. Both Grid Iron and Powergrid CSV can read Sheet files.
For Gsheet there is also Weavium’s GSheet stack, which can do a bit more.

However with anything Google related do be aware that they can change things, which can cause issues for you and your data in the future.

Hope that helps

The good thing with Gsheet from Weavium is that it also works with a “warehoused” csv file which can be on your own server.

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Grid Iron is excellent. I’m using it here - - for a list of family members.


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