Display data from a CSV or other spreadsheet

Hi! I operate an online store with over 150 products. I used to edit every price change manually, two places for every item. A while ago I came across the Live Data stack from OneLittleDesigner, and that made my life a lot easier. I just gathered data from a Google Sheet document with everything I needed. The problem is/was that on my main product page I display every single item. The page used over 20 seconds to load all the prices from the document, so the sale dropped 99% during that short period.

Now I’m wondering; is there any way to display data from a spreadsheet locally on my server? I just want to display the value in for example E4 in tab X.

The perfect solution would be to automatically export the data from the Google Sheet we use to edit and add items, and store that data locally on my server as a CSV, XML or whatever, and then we able to get that info and display those numbers in milliseconds in the store.

Is this possible yet? I could use a local exel document, but then I’d find a way to get those numbers to display them. Please help.


Hi @sirbull

Maybe grid iron would help? Grid iron can integrate a CSV file or google spreadsheet into your site. If you use google spreadsheets, you can turn on the Cache option to speed up the page. This will cause Grid Iron to save a local copy on your web host for X hours. This will reduce the number of requests made to google so the page will be fast. It does mean that there is a delay with updates showing up on the site so there is a slight trade off. This cache doesn’t apply to CSV files but you’d have to republish the CSV in rw or edit it manually via ftp.


Let me know if you have any questions.



Is it possible to display data from a single cell with Grid Iron? I have no use for a regular table stack at the moment, but if it is possible to use Grid Iron to gather info from specific cells in a Google Sheet document, this may be exactly what I need.

Grid iron will download all data within a spreadsheet. If the spreadsheet only had one cell in it, it would only download that one cell. It’d be a pretty simple table and wouldn’t freaky take advantage of the power that grid iron offers (sorting, searching,etc)