What Stack do I need for a 3 column table + 140 rows?

Title says it all.

I have a table that is three columns and 140 odd rows. Some columns are merged for headings, and colour coded.

My first day using Rapidweaver so no idea how to go about this.

My go-to table stack is this - https://rwextras.com/tablebuilder/

There’s a free demo so you can try it out and see if it works for you.


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That looks like it should work.

Checking it now.

Thank You

Getting there Table Builder stack is doing the job.

Question - can you turn off Lorem ipsum, it would be a to easier if I did not have to delete this text in every box.

Also can “Click here to add content” be turned off?

Have 140 rows to fill in.

Take one of the text stacks, Delete the Lorem (You cxan put anything you want into it).
Now hold down the option key⌥Opt and drag the empty stack to the next place you want it and release. It should copy the stack.

You can do the same thing with an entire row.

Thank you- that is making things a lot easier.

Can I add 130 rows in one go?

If I understand what you are asking here, you can select multiple rows and do the copy thing.

  1. Start with the row that has what you want to copy.
  2. Copy it like above by ⌥Opt and drag.
  3. Now with the first row selected, hold down the ⌘Cmd and select the second row. Both should be highlighted.
  4. Now hold the ⌥Opt key and drag and release. That should have 4 rows.

You can repeat that process and double the rows each time.

Thanks that has made it a lot easier now.

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So much easier!!

Only if the original data is in a CSV and RW extra has one for that as well. Free demo and half the price.

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OK - I have done the whole table and wish to merge cells for headings.

I am confused on how exactly this is done, nothing is happening.

I have tried with text in centre column on this row, and again with no text in that cell.



Please can you explain where I am going wrong merging these table cells?


Hi @Frank,

It’s difficult for me to troubleshoot this on the forums. I hope you can understand this, but its really hard for me to see your settings, your content and the generated code output.

Please email me a download link for a sample project file, containing only your Table Builder stack, applied to a stock RapidWeaver theme or ThemeFlood theme.

Here is some more information from my knowledge base website to assist you with this task:

Simply copy and paste your stack into a new project file, compress it as a .zip, upload it to a file sharing service, and email me the link together with details about your setup and what you have tried so far (versus what you were expecting to see).

After I have opened this in RapidWeaver, I can tell you if you’re doing this correctly, or if there is some other way to do this.

Trust me - this will save you about a fortnight of posts backwards and forwards to this forum! :slight_smile:

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Have sent P.M with Dropbox link

Hi @Frank,

I don’t know what you gave Dropbox, but the two files you shared with me are:

needles_files alias, the contents of which is:

And needles.html alias, the contents of which is:

Neither of these are RapidWeaver project files suitable to open in RapidWeaver 8. They are not of any help to me or other people on these forums.

Did you read the two knowledge base links I gave you in my last post?

Regretfully we want to help, but we’re no further forward with this.

You will either have to learn how to share RapidWeaver project files properly with us, or set aside some budget to hire me and make this whole table for you, ready to drop into RapidWeaver.


Thanks for taking the time to reply on a Sunday.

I have done a table without merging the top three cells of the row into one long cell.

It is a temporary list that will be changed again soon, as stock changes.

I will have another go when the new list need to be done in a week or so.


Hi @Frank

Regretfully the second attempt at sending these files over Dropbox does not seem to have worked either. Overnight I’ve only received messages from you on these forums - nothing to my email inbox.

I only see a screenshot of your desktop with a picture of the Dropbox app window in the middle. Still nothing that I can download and open in RapidWeaver.

So if I understand correctly, it’s “case closed” for the time being? No problem either way. Just need confirmation that this is the case and you are not awaiting further input from me on this. Because I don’t have anything further to add at the moment.

If you do need more help from me, the project file is still needed. Or you may have to try and work through your table problems with others here in the forum - but that could take significantly longer, if we’ve only got static screenshots to look at. A project file would definitely be my preferred approach.

And if you have a big inventory of products that changes regularly, there are better ways of automating the process in RapidWeaver, instead of manually making a 150 row table each week.

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I’m late to the discussion and can’t answer the question directly, but I wanted to open up your mind to another approach and a great online tool.

The solution is to use an online tool to generate your table and then just paste it into your RW project.

When I needed to add a table to a page, I ended up here:
You can see my resulting table here:

There are many other similar table-generation tools online but I happened to choose this one, and quickly learned to use it well enough to get my chore done.

Thank you Wayne,

I will bookmark that link.