Apply To All Pages

Where is the Apply To All Pages... feature hidden in Rapidweaver 7?

Did you ever find an answer to this question? I’m dead in the water after updating from RW5 - RW6 and I can’t do my usual monthly update to a website changing the sidebar to the monthly meeting info.

Yes. They killed this feature, ostensibly because there is this new feature now, “Code” in settings, that applies to all pages.

But I still need to apply changes to all pages, especially in projects that have been moved over from RW5, and have had no “Code” feature, but meta tags on each and every page.

BTW, be careful when migrating projects from RW5 to RW7. Several of my projects got corrupted and would not open, after tedious work on RW7. Had to start them over from scratch! The Open theme has been the worst culprit, with 3 projects of mine corrupted/lost, and the Flood 5.1 to 6 upgrade has been an unmitigated disaster. I am still reeling from these corrupted projects.

Thanks for the update.

I think killing that was a horrible idea. I don’t understand how to use “Code” and can’t see how that will be easier to use than making changes in the sidebar for one page and copying it to all the other pages.

So if I have styled text in the side bar that provides upcoming announcements, and I have to change that info at least monthly, how exactly do I change that on every page??

Sounds like a perfect use for an “Apply to all pages” command. ARG!!!