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Hello - I’m new to this forum. I’m having an issue that seems to have cropped up recently. When I try to upload a single page, it tries to update all pages. This is a real problem as I have some pages with files that will not upload through RW as they are too big (have to use FileZilla) so it causes real issues when it tries to publish every page, rather than just the one I have right-liked on. Can anyone advise?

hi Scott and welcome to the forum,
I don’t know what you are changing that requires all pages to be marked(blue dot) as needing to be published.

RapidWeaver is pretty good at keeping track of what needs to get republished. If you add a page, the navigation needs to change on every page. If you change anything that’s Global in nature (Theme master styles, footers, any of the settings like site wide code. All wil trigger a need to republish all pages.

Also if you are using the stacks plugin and have used partials or externals them every page that has those on them will need to be republished if a change occurs.

I don’t know why these pages wouldn’t be able to be published with RW.
What version of RW are you using?
What is on these pages that makes them so large?

If you can’t get things to work correctly, Filezilla has a directory comparison option. You could publish the site locally (to a folder on your Mac), and use this feature to only transfer files that have changed (by size or Modification date).

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