RW7 - Stacks 2 global content

I just upgraded to RW7, still using the Stacks 2 plugin. I noticed something that no longer works - Global Content. When I change text in one of my global content places, none of the other pages get marked as changed. The change is in fact made to the page, but because the page itself is not marked as changed it’s not uploaded. So I have to manually upload each page.

Am I out of luck because I’m still using Stacks 2?
(P.S. this is at work where I have very little say on spending. I only convinced them to get RW7 because of an app bundle.)

This is an issue we know about. It has to do with the way RW 7.1 opens your project. It affects both Stacks 2 and 3 – Global Content as well as Partials (basically anything global). (unrelated, but with mentioning: it affects PlusKit imports and Blocks page-blocks in exactly the same way too).

We’re working on a way around this, but it is not easy in the RapidWeaver 7.1 API. :frowning:

The issue is that in RW 7.1 not all pages are loaded when you open a document. The simplest workaround to this is to choose Mark All Pages as Changed. This will force RW to look at each page for changes. This does add an extra step to the process, but don’t worry it won’t force all those pages to re-upload everything. RapidWeaver will try hard to upload only what it needs to.

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That is a most interesting revelation. What then is the purpose of “mark all pages changed” if it does not force RW pages to upload? @Isaiah, could you please expand on that? It sounds like you are saying that it merely tells RW to look at each page to see if there was an actual change and if not, nothing is done.

btw… I learn so much from your participation here on the forums. Thank you so much!

@1611mac -

Re-Publish All Files is the command that uploads everything.

Mark All Pages and Resources as Changed just asks RW to inspect that page for things that need uploading.

Or, at least that’s the way I understand it. Obviously I’m not the developer of RW so I don’t know all the fine details.



By the way, that didn’t work for me. I chose “mark all pages as changed” and the clicked Publish. However, the only page that has the change on the published site is the original page I made the change to. The only way I can get the change to publish on other pages is to select each page one at a time and right-click > Publish.

UPDATE > It also appears to publish correctly if I select each page and choose Mark as Changed and then click the Publish button.
UPDATE 2 > Spoke too soon. I doesn’t work with multiple pages. If I set one page as changed, then publish, the change gets published. If I mark multiple pages as changed, none of the changes are published.

@jabohn Hmmm… this is not my experience. Do you have a simple example file that shows this behavior that I could use to investigate this bug a bit further? If so can you share in a private message? thx

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been too busy at my job to get back into web stuff again but hope to next week. I was able to upload the site page by page with the needed change, all except one page. For some reason this one page will not upload with the change:

There’s supposed to be a moving notice in red text in the sidebar like every other page.

When I have time I’ll get in contact with you and strip the file to just that page and the home page. Thanks again!

Thanks, but I would need to see the actual project file to see the bug. Seeing the output of the project (your website) is interesting, but not useful in helping me fix the bug.

Do you think you can provide a simple project file that shows the behavior your mentioned?


Isaiah, I sent you a message to get in contact with you. Did you get it?