How sidebar can be applied to all pages on Rapidweaver 7?


How can I apply sidebar to all pages with Rapidweaver 7?

It seems there is no “Apply to all pages” butoon…

Do you want to switch the sidebar ‘on’ so it displays?

If so, then that’s controlled by your chosen theme - go to Master Styles and you’ll usually see an option there to position the sidebar left, right or to hide it. There’ll also probably be controls there to set the width.

If you’re talking about having the same content appear in the sidebar on every page then there are various ways to do this. The least expensive (i.e. free) way is to just copy and paste the content from one sidebar to the next and so on.

If you’ve got loads of pages, this might not be practical - if that’s the case, let us know and we can advise more.


Thank you, Rob!

Yes, I want to display same sidebar content every pages and there are lot of pages.

Is there way to get to it without copy?

Do you have the Stacks plugin?

No…I don’t have Stacks plugin…

You can use the import function of the PlusKit plugin

Thank you Michael !

I’ll try that plugin. Is there another way for free?

Do one sidebar… copy… paste into all other page sidebars.

But please do yourself a favor and consider Stacks 3. It is well worth it. And once you have it learn Partials inside and out. Partials allow you to place about anything, anywhere, and on every page (if you wish). Change the partial and it changes everywhere you have placed it.

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