Applying Stacks to Home Page

I have selected a particular theme for constructing my web page but want to apply some stacks to the home page. However, can’t seem to do this without actually creating another page. How can I use stacks and their various functions on the home page? Is there a command or prompt button that I am missing here? Can’t seem to access the stacks library from my home page but I can from other created pages. Anyone have a solution to this?

Take a screenshot of your home page in edit mode, you can only add stacks to a Stacks page. Seems like your home page is not a stacks page, but would need to see a screenshot first.

Make a new Stacks page below your Home page - Drag the new Stacks page above your current Home page - it’ll then become your Home page.

Almost, but not quite. You’ll also need to tell RapidWeaver that the stacks page is the new homepage. To do that:

  1. Create the new Stacks homepage
  2. Ctrl-Click (or right-click) on the page in the left-sidebar
  3. Choose Set as Home Page from the popup menu

Here’s a quick video loop:


Thanks so much. You saved me hours of frustration. Looked high and low for this solution and it is so easy. Have to pay attention to that control and option and command buttons more often. They do amazing things. Thanks!

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