How to add stacks

Hi this is a continuation to my previous post about stacks.

I bought the layer stack and now I am not understanding how to add the stack to a page. I tried double clicking, option clicking and dragging. I tried
adding a new page, tried making the stack a page but nothing is working.

Unfortunately for me, I bought from a developer who has zero help on his site. So I really blew it on this purchase, so far my theme and stack are basically a waste of money this is depressing. I wanted to love this app, but so far nothing but depression. BTW I know it’s not the app but my own skills


Do you have the stacks plugin from ??, If not then you need to purchase it (worth every penny) one you have purchased the stacks plugin then you need to add a stacks page for your website then simply drag stack/s on the stacks page to get it working.

I think you are not having the stacks plugin !!


Hi Rajat,

Unfortunately, I did not purchase from wish I would have, I have something called a layer stack from another person.

I don’t see a stack page my theme is iris by nick cates but not sure if that matters. I looked I don’t see any add a page that says stacks.


You need to have the stacks plugin to use stacks… otherwise unfortunately any stacks is of no use without stacks plugin. Like you add other pages , the same way you add Stacks Page and drag and drop your stacks on it.

There are a lot of stacks and you can you use N number stacks in stacks page if you purchase the plugin. (all i can say its worth it and only way to use your/any stacks in Rapidweaver)


So you’re saying I have to buy the stacks 3.0? then I buy stacks to use with this? Then I will have a drag and drop function to add the layer stack I bought.

Hi Rajat, confusing, your company sells something called stacks 3.0 is that what you’re referring to? so if I pay 50 to buy that then the layer stack will work with your stack or are your stacks only for your stack 3.0… Seems odd that RW doesn’t sell or make this…

Hi again,

I went on your site but you don’t have any examples of what your stacks do, the block accordian etc… I don’t understand this.


Not my company, I am just another user of Rapidweaver like you. Its all your choice if you want to purchase Stacks 3 or not. I just mentioned that you need have it to use stacks. @isaiah is the owner of stacks 3 plugin. He can explain you better :slight_smile:


Ok Rajat,

I see you’re right I downloaded the stacks 3 trial and as you said I can use the layers plugin… not sure how it works but I can see it loaded.

It’s odd that the stacks site has other items but zero examples of what they do. I downloaded them as well but can’t figure them out. Again, I’m a 100% beginner… Thank you for sharing at least I can see what is needed it is odd that only this company makes this stacks 3.0 product…


Your RapidWeaver web site can have many different types of pages: blog pages, text pages, etc. And there are other developers that make other types of pages to add to your site. Stacks is one of those. It’s a type of page.

Stacks is a general purpose layout page. So you can build a lot of different types of things with it. People use it to build simple things (like a page with some columns) to complex pages with galleries, effects, and interactive content.

Stacks comes with some basic building blocks (commonly referred to as stacks – the verbiage that seems to have stuck after years is that a “stack” is one of the building blocks and “Stacks” is the name of the page style – believe me, that’s not how I intended things to be named – it kind of took on a mind of its own).

While the basic building blocks within Stacks are useful for laying out a page, there are ~1000 other stacks made by other developers and designers that you can download and use on a Stacks page. Here’s the big list:

Some of those things free, other cost just a bit, and some provide access to professional layout systems and are more expensive than Stacks itself.

Stacks is “try before you buy” software. So you can wade in a bit at a time. Try the basic built-in stacks first. Download some free stuff. Give it a go. You don’t have to buy unless you find it useful. :smile:

Isaiah (I wrote Stacks)


If you’re looking to get a fast-track on learning how to build with RapidWeaver (and Stacks) – check out RapidWeaver Classroom.

I don’t get anything for saying this. I just know the content there is pretty great and people always give Ryan really high marks:


Hi thanks for posting to my questions. I ended up buying the stacks 3.0 and the layers stack in particular. I’ve looked at a few of the videos but I think I have to pay a monthly fee to watch the one video I really need.

I am not against people making money but I thought an app such as this would have some support manuals that at least explain basic how to do this or that.

This is sort of a bad example of buying an airline seat and finding out everything else is an add on. Good and bad, the app isn’t that cheap to start with so… I still can’t figure out how to get the layer to add to the stacks 3.0 hope one of those companies will offer some support.

There are several free vids here on the site:

You can also do a month and watch the others you need. This will get you going pretty quickly.

rapid weaver’s site blocked me from replying to anyone all day…

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