Are drop down options possible? RapidCart Pro


I’m not sure if a drop down list for options is possible in RapidCart Pro.
Can someone clarify for me please? I have been trying out the options, but none are showing what I need, unless it
doesn’t show until published?

I need different option sizes for the customer to choose in a drop down list, then to click the add to cart button. I already have the cart button sorted. I don’t want lots of version buttons. sunny:


Yes, dropdowns options are supported by RapidCart Pro.
Just set an option type to select and add some values.

Yes it does.
I use drop down options. I put them in the cart - options section and then apply a tag or category to the option and it applies them to the item associated with those tags.
Very quick and easy to alter later and it will change all items

Thanks for the replies. :sunny:

I have read the RCP manual, and have tried various ways, but I still am a bit baffled by settings/SKU’s.

I did manage to get 2 options for a product set up, but only one would add to cart, and didn’t know which SKU to put where. On the Stacks/RapidCart Pro page the add to cart had the one price for one of the options.

Ideally, I would like a select drop down on the stacks/product/add to cart page, without the option select separate. I would like to know how to get that to work though! It would be great if I can get any option working.

I have one product and 2 options, so I need 2 sku’s? Do I need to make another version of my product, and/or another stacks page with my product on!!!

And what about the ID’s? not a clue if I need to include those. (I did try :slight_smile: )