Searching for an online shop system with paid product-options

I am searching for an online shop system with the option to include special product features with optional additional cost. The system should be installed on the webserver, no cloud solution and with no subscription plan. I would only need offline payment, so just a generated eMail to contact the customer for the service and delivery.

Here is an example:

Product A

  • Must choose one of the following option1 (+10$) OR option2 (+15$)
  • Can choose one of the following option3 (+2$) OR option4 (+5$) but not both
  • Can choose any of the following optionX (+X$) …

Until now, I only found RapidCart Pro, but I do not know if this plugin/stack can do all this. Anyone has experience with this, and knows more? Or maybe even another stack?

I’m using RapidCart on a client site that operates on cash on delivery basis. So you can use it for offline payments.

You can also add many versions of the same product, but I’m not sure if that’s what you’re wanting.

For example, version 1 = $10, version 2 = $12 etc.


Thanks for the Information. So offline payments can be made. Great!
For the other thing, I would prefer to have several variants with checkboxes to choose from. But maybe it can be done with different versions as well. I have to take a look if that is an option in this case. The products are quite tricky.

Is it possible to have more than one option? Like Size, Color, Material to choose for example? Or is it just one version-field to choose from?

You can set options in your products, and have them set to be radio buttons (select one), checkboxes (select all that apply), etc.

The manual is fairly detailed. It might not be easy to follow without a copy of Rapidcart Pro to go along with but gives a good outline of available features. Here’s a link to the ‘Options’ section:


Thanks, this Information helps a lot. I couldn’t get it out of the manual. I will give it a try.