RapidCart Options Products Choice Button CSS Code help please!

(potted wires) #1


I need some CSS code please, (if possible) to move the RapidCart Option Product button.
I’ve managed to move the cart button with some CSS, whoopee! (I’m a novice!) Not sure if it will transfer ok when it is published yet.

I have been referred to the RapidCart Pro, it’s manual, and project, and have keenly read these, but have already set up my project in RapidCart and just need the option button moved, CSS instructions for moving it up, and across (right) would be great! Who can help!!! please!

I have @imported an image and description. I haven’t dropped the image into any of RapidCart set up pages, but the option button, and cart are ready.

Kind Regards

(Roberto Tremonti) #2

Hi @pottedwires,
what are you referring to with “RapidCart Option Product button”?
Is the “Add to Cart” button that opens Options modal window?

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the option feature that i would like to move/position is under:-

Edit- Page Options-Options-Option/Option Value-Option Type/Select

i have seen there is some CSS for some of the other features for example

rcItemButtons { /* Put here your code to customize buttons style */}

Just wondering if there was any to move the options.

Kind Regards

(Roberto Tremonti) #4

Oh, ok, you are talking about RapidCart 3, not RapidCart Pro.
Please send me the link to a test page and tell me where you would like to move options.
I’ll tell you how to achieve it with a Custom Layout or a CSS rule.

(potted wires) #5

That’s great. Thank you. I’ll get back to you with the test page soon.

Kind Regards

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the link is

I’d like ‘size’ options button moved over to the right, 2 spaces under 'certificate of authenticity. The ‘s’ of ‘size’ under the ‘c’ of 'certificate.

I would also like the ‘add to cart’ button in line with the edge of the image. The price above.

I have had a reply ‘You can enable Custom Layout in Page Options > Style window and change default HTML code for product row.’ But I still don’t know how to do this, (and I have tried!!!)

Custom Layout or a CSS rule would be fantastic!

Kind Regards

(Roberto Tremonti) #7

Sorry for my late reply.
As far as I can see, you composed the product page with Stacks and import the RapidCart part with PlusKit.
In order to move the RapidCart part below your custom description you need to move the corresponding stack on the right position.