RapidCart Pro Product Stacks, Cart, Add to Cart button


I’ve been reading the RapidCart Pro manual, and previous posts, and trying to fathom out myself,

  1. How to just have one product, with one cart above the product, and one add to cart button made in a stacks page with RapidCart Pro Stacks, (and Stacks.) so I can arrange them in a different design than default RapidCart Pro.

I can see that I can add a RapidCart Pro Product Stack in a Stacks page, but it has no ‘add to cart’ button. There is a grid stack, but that has 2 products as the lowest not one. I can change the product to versions, but that’s 2 also. I don’t need the click on view product, just an add to cart.

  1. In the side panel options for RapidCart Pro Stacks I can see how to upload an image, but the product stack covers it almost completely, can someone advise me how to view the whole image please?

  2. Changing RapidCart Pro cart colour in stacks page with a RapidCart Pro Cart Stack

I can see how to change the background of the RapidCart Pro Cart Stack using the side panel, but
how is the actual button colour changed?

I seem to be ok with customising in the RapidCart Pro page, and can import/point RCP page to stacks, but I would like to see how the Stacks design part of it works. :slight_smile:

I have a setup on a client site where I make individual product pages separate from Rapidcart’s product pages. You can then set the product to select the correct product page you make.

You then add Rapidcart’s individual stacks to each page. For the “add to cart” button, you need to add a product stack to the new page, then select the version/s you want to have on the page. The settings I use are below.


Thank you. I’ll give it a try.


I set up product with corresponding sku/id in RapidCart Pro. I used Products - General, Products - Versions, and set the page url to the stacks page.

Is this right?

The cart and cart button in pro still have their default price/total on.

That sounds correct.

The correct product info won’t show in RW, it will show when the page is published.

Ah, I did wonder about that.

It looks like the cart colour will change also, that I was trying to do.

Thank you for your help

You can also add a product description using the same stack.

Just choose “description” instead of “version” and add the product number. That will show the description you enter in the Rapidcart product description.

It’s a very flexible cart solution.

Thank you.

I have the RCP Cart Stack on a Stacks page, and an image in a non RCP stack. I have arranged the
RCP product stack, so it is now an add to cart. I have set the product page, the add to cart doesn’t
work. I can get the cart to work with a RCP Product Stack with attached add to cart button, and RCP Cart Stack, but I wanted to use my own image in Stacks. Tried publishing also.

This was working, but I changed a few settings/colours, and can’t remember what I did before.

Also, I don’t need the link to the other add to cart page which happens after clicking on the product page shown.

(when it is working)

Any help would be appreciated.

It could be that you have it set to “box” under the Product ID. I’ve never used it so I’m not sure what it does. To get the “add to cart” button working, you need to choose “version”.

You also need to point the product in Rapidcart to the new product page you’ve created.

I also use warehoused images for all products/pages without any problems.

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Here’s some pics.

I’ve tried loads of variations, but here’s one. I’ve been publishing each time as well.

When you choose a page, you need to choose a page that you’ve already created (not necessarily published). Select “Page” in the dropdown menu. It’s under “URL”.

This is the page i need, ‘Untitled Page.’ I’ve tried it before, but it’s faded out for some reason.

Maybe It’s because it’s an unregistered version of RCP?

I have a home page, RCP page, and Stacks page.

One product.

I would try giving that “Untitled Page” a unique folder name. So you would create a separate stacks page, give a unique folder name, add the Rapidcart stacks (Product etc.) to the stacks page. Then select that page in the Rapidcart product.


I tried that, (and think I tried previously as well,) there was no difference…

The ‘Force HTTPS Protocol’ was ticked, and after un-ticking it, the cart worked!

I imagine, that should only be ticked when actually using checkout payments. I’m not up to that on the design part! I know checkout PayPal works though, as that was the first thing I tried.
Thank you for your replies, and help. :smile: