Are fonts embedded in the Artful Theme?


First post apologies if I get it wrong by jumping straight in with a question.

2011 model iMac died, Dreamweaver won’t run on this new iMac so bought Rapidweaver and learning all over again.

Started new site using the Artful theme, right click and duplicated the first page 6 times and renamed those pages to match my present site pages.

Copied all text from present website, pasted into Text Edit first, and copied and pasted out of Text Edit, into each page created with the Artful Theme.

First pages when viewed were showing the Artful font, a couple of pages are showing different font.

Looked at code and found a file of fonts, so are the fonts embedded?

I pasted some of the text that is displaying wrong into a page that is displaying correct as a new paragraph and it still displays wrong in this new paragraph, when the rest of the text appears correct on that page.

I have made a copy again of a page that shows correct font from the Artful Theme, but paste the text in it still does not render same as other pages.

Am I missing something obvious here?


Hi Frank and welcome to the Forum.

Not sure what you are saying specifically. Why are you copying into TextEdit first? TextEdit doesn’t necessarily remove formatting. If you are copying text into RapidWeaver, it’s best practice to get into the habit of pasting as plain text. You can do that from the edit menu or by a keyboard shortcut ⌥Opt+⌘Cmd+v.

Yes, it looks as though the Artful theme uses a few embedded fonts.

It’s very helpful if you can post a URL to at least a test page when you have questions about styling. It’s very hard to get help as we can’t see what you are doing. Themes Plugins(Page type) all affect how the output displays.

Thanks for the quick reply - yes I was using Text Edit to remove formatting.


That is what I was doing wrong, your comment jogged my memory.

I have it working now, I copied one of the pages that was formatting correctly removed that pages text, pasted the other text in again, and it is displaying correctly now.

Will watch more videos as there is a lot more that I don’t understand.

Thanks Again.

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