New to Rapidweaver; want to put an image where there is text in theme artful

Okay, so I am looking to customize a theme with specific font/logo to my company.

I have pngs saved of the fonts I need to use and the logo. You can see the bold block text in my screenshot which is a part of the ‘Artful’ theme.

I have an image of the text I’d like to use in that spot underneath it. I entered that into the main body text of the page.

Is there a way for me to replace the title of the page with an image, instead of text?

IF so, how?!?! I am extremely inexperienced with code/html of any kind, just trying to figure it out.

Update: I can’t attach the screenshot.

Hi @schalms,

You can’t replace the Site Title and Site Slogan content areas in the Artful theme with a logo image without digging into the theme file and manually modifying the HTML and CSS code.

If you go to Settings >> General in RapidWeaver, you can add your logo to the Site Logo box that is located on that settings page. The logo is displayed near the upper left corner of the Artful theme though, so it might not be exactly where you want it.

If you are looking for more flexibility on where you can place your custom logo on the page, a Blank theme might work better for you, or a framework like Source or UIKit.

Thanks so much for this reply!

I’ve got lots to learn. I think trying one of these frameworks might be my best course of action here.

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