Are rows possible in Foundry or just columns?

I am just creating my second site. I am no expert but I am enjoying RapidWeaver. Could anyone tell me please how I can get a layout in Rows rather than Columns? I am trying to create a list of Team members and I’d like their photo on the left of the page and then their biography to be to the right of their photo. The next team member would be underneath and so on.

I’d really appreciate any advice from more experienced and learned Weavers!

Many thanks,

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Hi there @SarahJones

Good question!

This is as simple as placing another columns stack on the page. Place a new columns stack below your current one and populate it with your content. This will make a new “row” on the page below your first one.


Hi Adam, thank you so much for this. I did what you suggested and the new page looks as I wanted it to. Much appreciated.

Not a problem at all @SarahJones! Glad to have helped. Have a nice New Year!


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