Looking for a gallery stack with ability to do this

Hi Folks,
Just had somebody ask if its possible to do a page like this homepage (wait for the loading sheep to vanish)

It’s pretty amazing, with video and images in a masonry style gallery with rollover text and variable row height images etc! Normally I’d say no sorry can’t do it and run for the hills but perhaps now I have RW and Stacks maybe I can??

I’ve browsed a few galleries on the add-ons page but none of them seem to offer all these options.


I don’t know that a gallery stack exists that could replicate it. However, something like Sections Box/Sections Pro (by Big White Duck) could probably do the trick. It might take a bit of a learning curve to get there but seems pretty doable, I’d think.

This might be a good start:

Thanks Guy’s I’m not sure that Layouts will allow content deeper than one row, although I may be wrong.
Also, does Sections work with Foundry? I thought not but again I’m new to this so may be wrong.

I have found this though, that looks like it will do exactly what I need:



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Sections does work with Foundry. You may have found your solution with Intrinsic though, I forgot about that one.

Cheers Jason… I’m looking at Sections… Looks like a big learning curve. I’ll try and find some tutorial videos and give it a go just as it looks like a good stack to have.


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