Creating a block menu at the bottom of the page (foundry 2)

Hi Weavers,

I’m trying to create a block menu at the bottom of my page that looks like this:

It full width. Each block links to another page.

I’d like to be able to do this in Foundry 2 if possible.

Any tips on how I could accomplish that would be much appreciated!

Many thanks!


When you say at the bottom of the page, do you mean as a footer basically?

If so, check out this project file I just built: - Droplr

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That’s perfect my friend! Many many thanks!

Mine didn’t work because I had them in a container!

No problem.

That would do it. Not all content needs a Container stack, and in this case you definitely don’t. Though I think there could be a neat way to do it with a Container stack and make it look like it sort of faux goes to the edge of the browser. That said, glad you got it working the way you wanted. Enjoy.

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