Are You Missing Out On The Latest RW News?

(Rob Hall) #1

I see many forum questions and requests that could easily be answered, if you regularly visit, or even subscribe to the monthly newsletter!

(Dominick Designs Websites & Tech Training Seminars LLC) #2

@mabinogion , I think you also have some nice stacks that do animations and effects that address forum posts such as this one:

Do you still have those stacks available and updated? Any new ones coming out soon?

(Rob Beattie) #3

Couldn’t see how to subscribe, Rob.

(Rob Hall) #4

Added you to the list, Rob

(Rob Hall) #5

“Those Stacks”, or rather Templates, have all been recently updated, Dominick. The are available at

(Rob Beattie) #6

Thanks Rob. Look forward to receiving it.

(system) #7

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