Arg! Lost my whole site in Rapidweaver

So there I was working away when all of a sudden I could no longer add a stack to the page I was on at the time. I tried another page. Same thing.

So I closed Rapidweaver and reopened it and horror of horrors, there’s the list of pages down the left hand side, but every page is just showing ‘Drop Stacks Here’ graphic and my carefully created pages are nowhere to be seen.

I checked in Finder and the file is showing 12.3 MB, so it looks like something is still there it is just not showing in Rapidweaver.

Anyone got any ideas as the thought of trying to remember everything I’ve done over the last few days is scary. I need to remember to backup more regularly than every few days, but this kind of thing so rarely happens these days that one just forgets.


I’ve managed to a recover it. I forgot that there was a ‘Revert to’ option. VERY USEFUL!

It has been a looooong time since I’ve had work totally vanish in any application so it is easy to forget to be disciplined with regard to backups and versions.


Where is the revert to option ? I was doing a new story yesterday it was perfect and then I somehow accidentally clicked rapidweaver off. I lost the entire story ARGHHHH! And you know how when you write something so perfect and were in a mood but lose that mood and can’t remember half of what you wrote. Well anyways I lost it and wrote another but it paled in comparison to the first.