Armadillo and Disqus

Hi Armadillo-maestros and @nimblehost , I have a question.

I’m putting together a blog at

Is it possible to have the DisQus comments attached to each blog entry on the main page (i.e. the page in the above link) rather than having to click Comments to open the blog entry in a new page?

The reason I ask is because:

  1. It seems to make more sense
  2. Clicking Comments messes up the layout of the page

Many thanks


Hi Rob,

This type of change would require an update to Armadillo since its responsible for placement of the Disqus code (though not the actual generation of the comments and their markup).

You mentioned that clicking Comments messes up the layout of the page; is there something in particular you could point out that gets wonky? Nothing stood out to me as clearly wrong when I visited the site and clicked on the Comments link.



Robb: As far as I know you can’t have comments on the main page. I believe comments need to “live” on a distinct page (i.e. the permalinked page) but certainly can’t live on 2 pages (main page and permalinked page). I may be wrong about this but that’s my understanding.

Clicking comments on main page does not mess up layout for me. Maybe need to refresh page, empty cache, or similar.

What would be more helpful is is one could hide the “comments” link on the main page. There’s really no reason (or no “good” reason) for it to be there. And it would make things look nicer/cleaner. My guess is you create some CSS so this particular div is not shown:

<div class="blog-entry-comments ">

I’m a CSS monkey (monkey see, monkey do) so I don’t know the exact code one might use here, but seems quite possible.

Hi Jonathan

yes, I’ve fixed the display issues. It was down to my misuse of BWD’s excellent Grummage 2 Col stack.

But @Mathew’s alternative is an interesting one. Hiding the Comments link on the summary page could work really well. Would you have some CSS to hide the Comments div from the summary page?

many thanks


Thanks Mathew, yes I’ve fixed the display issue and I think your suggestion of hiding the Comments div on the summary page is excellent.

I’ve got to move onto something else now but hopefully Jonathan will come back with a snippet that’l do the trick.

Thanks again,


did you try:
display: none;

Scott: Yes, that hides comments on the main page. But it also hides comments on all the permalinked pages. What’s really needed is a way to hide on main page, show on permalinked pages.

Hi @robbeattie and @Mathew, try this:

.armadilloContent .blog-entry-comments a { visibility: hidden; }
.armadilloContent .blog-entry-comments #disqus_thread a { visibility: visible; }



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Jonathan: Got it! Thanks a ton!

Thanks very much @nimblehost. Works great and makes the blog summary page much neater.