Disqus and Armadillo

(David Wilkinson) #1

Hi I have just launched a website for my wife including an Armadillo blog and included comments via Disqus.

Sometime the blog page says simply “Comments”; other times it says “blog comments powered by Disqus”. Either way I can’t add a comment.

(Mathew Mitchell) #2

It will be much easier to help you if you post a link to the blog.

However … here’s one preliminary guess. In Armadillo you need to activate Disqus commenting in 2 ways. First you need to generally activate Disqus via the blog settings done within the Armadillo settings once your site has been published. It sounds like you have probably done that.

Second, you need to then activate Disqus commenting for each individual post. You will do this in the bottom area of each new post. It may seem crazy to have to activate twice, but this is a good feature. It allows you to enable commenting on some posts but not all.

And, of course, it’s not just activating Disqus it also needs to be linked to your wife’s Disqus account.