Moving Disqus Comments in RW

Since I’ve rebuilt my iWeb website in Rapid Weaver, I’ve had untold trouble figuring out how to get the DISQUS comments to move over from the old site, and now just move from the primary blog page to an Archive page. (None of the old site’s comments ever showed up, years of them. I worked with DISQUS for months, never figured it out.) Because in RW it seems impossible to have two blog postings w/ DISQUS comments on the primary stacks-built blog page, I’m trying to move the existing one to an Archive page (to make ready for the new one). The Comments just won’t follow. Am I always to lose comments? I am fairly inept with any html and code. But can follow directions. In iWeb it was copy and paste and change the number—bingo!

Maybe it would help if I knew what in the world my “thread ID” is?

Any and all ideas welcome!

I sympathize with you, but I got to say it: this is often the price you have to pay for using “free” services and/or free software. I used to use Disqus on my old personal website, but I got rid of it and—for the time being—I don’t have a comments-system.

I understand that for bloggers comments are most crucial. Why not use self-contained comments add-on, like BackSnap stack from Yabdab. I know that Stacks4Stacks has something of this sort in the works as well (you may want to get in touch with @willwood).

Rob, thanks! I’ll check out Yabdab, and working with Will is always good. I’ve lost half my life to DISQUS, but would still like to retrieve the past comments. They used to have support by email—no more.

So with BackSnap, when I move blog posts to Archives, do the comments just go along with the cut and paste stacks?

Sorry, can’t answer that question (I don’t use comments at the moment). Perhaps @yabdab will see this thread and will give you the definitive answer…

Thanks Rob, i’m continuing with the research.

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