Armadillo and Gallery 3 stack

Anyone got Armadillo and Gallery 3 working together properly to produce nice grids of images with a lightbox?

I’m specifically interested to see which theme you’re using. Both of the ones I’ve tried haven’t worked and I’m trying to find one that I know does work so I can isolate the problem further.



Might want to check out this post.


Also this one.

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Hi Rob,

you reached out to me because having problems setting up Armadillo and Gallery Stack 3, thanks for that.

The JavaScript error on your page is the exact same as you already had here: Help with a .js error?

Best regards, Jannis

Further investigations on your website shows me, that all works correctly as expected, even with that upcoming JavaScript error. Email send out to you.

Gallery Stack 3 will not process pictures inside a blog list, only in blog details a grid and lightbox will be be displayed, which I hope make sense to you, as this might lead to wrong display of the gallery (where does the lightbox start, where does it end, etc.)

The best is, you create a summery for each blog, with maybe one (or no picture). On opening the details of the blog post, the gallery will be displayed correctly underneath the blog post.

@SteveB: Gallery Stack will take all pictures it will find inside a blog post (details), wherever added inside the HTML content, and display these underneath the original HTML content as nice thumbnail gallery with a clickable lightbox.

I will try to set up a clickable demo on my hosting provider the next days, currently running on MAMP locally without problems :thumbsup:

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Hi Rob,

I got it all working with Gallery 3 as you have seen in the link posted by @teefers - nice grid, tidily arranged. However, after 60+ posts I have abandoned Armadillo completely. Functionally good, but impossible, without going into Custom CSS, to style it as I wanted it. Headers were too big or too small, I could never get the list of tags / categories as I wanted it and it was a constant thorn in the side.

The new kind on the block that hs resolved all my issues is @instacks own Poster Stack

We have all seen how responsive Jannis @instacks is to resolving issues, or just being plain helpful. Poster is close to foolproof, with no database setup, fully supporting Gallery 3 and many other stacks (including Foundation partials I have created). To be honest, it is a total no-brainer and more than justifies the work it has taken to move posts across (still lots to go): Nick’s blog

Oh and BTW, this is the Gallery 3 setup I tend to use for the Grid of pictures:

Hope this helps?


@SteveB this is the last working setup of my Armadillo / Gallery 3 implementation, now deleted. I have with deep regret left Freestacks too, after many years. Joe’s Foundation is working beautifully though.

I found the most effective way to do this was to create a folder of images on the server and link to it though Gallery 3, or for a smaller number of images, to drag them directly into the post on the armadillo control panel, bearing in mind that when anything changes, you lose all images, as happened to me (and one of the factors why it was so rapidly replaced with Poster).


Hi Jannis,

I’m busy on other stuff today but will try this tomorrow. I think it points to a fundamental misunderstanding on my part - that the thumbs and lightbox appear below the blog post and only work if you have a list of summary posts that are opened by the visitor one at a time. Anyway, I appreciate the clarification and I’ll see if i can get it to work. Could be the answer I’ve been looking for.

Best wishes,


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@SteveB, @NickWB

What he meant was: after republishing your site, the rw_common folder overwrites the older one and that deletes the images that were previously there. To avoid that, you need to republish by way of an external FTP client and make sure that you leave the 2 media folders intact (do not replace them with new copy). See the screenshot.

@instacks Hi
Have you had time/chance to finish the armadillo/gallery example project?

Thank you