Gallery Stack with Armadillo

Hi Everyone.

I thought I had a perfect solution for creating a simple user managed portfolio for a client. I setup an Armadillo blog from @nimblehost and used the Gallery Stack 3 stack from @instacks with the Armadillo function so I can create a gallery of images at the bottom of each blog post. Everything was fine until I added the second blog post.

So here is the way I wanted things to work. I simply wanted my client to add a brief write up and add some images to the Post Summery for each Armadillo blog post. When the the summery was displayed online, you would see the title, summery, and thumbnails under the copy. It worked perfect for 1 post, but the Gallery Stack thumbnail functionality seems to go away when you add additional posts.

Here is the test page in question that isn’t working with two posts in the feed…

If I remove the second post the Gallery works perfect on the feed page. It also works perfect on the dedicated post page.

Here is a simple post page that shows the gallery Stack Working…

Anyone have any ideas about a fix or work around?


Unfortunately the gallery doesn’t work in the summary list. It works on the dedicated blog post detail page:

It works in the summery just as long as their is only one post in the blog. After that you are SOL. Too bad.

Ok, I will have to just get the client to add a consistent image to the top of each summery so something shows on each post on the feed.

It would be nice to have a feature in Armadillo to help non designers add this type of stuff to their blog.

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