Armadillo Blog - could do with a little help/advice pls

Im quite new to the whole blog thing, but its up and mostly working.
The blog page itself won’t allow links to work plus the text won’t high light ( I’m guessing this is the same problem button sure what that problem is). If i can’t high light text, i can’t click a link !
Any help would be really useful as I’m 99% there.
Some advice on styling blog pages would be useful as I dont really know what questions i should ask !!

Thank you

Can’t say for sure what is going on with the blog page. Took a quick look. and the page is really a mess as the navigation is even offset and blocked from being clicked.
I would probably simplify the page. You have a lot going on (including a js TypeError).

Strip down to the Minuim to get the blog working. Start with a new page with nothing on it and put the armadillo stacks on the page. You have depth stacks, Marvel Split. Two main sections, etc… I sisn’t take the time to go through each of these to see what the conflict is.

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Thanks , the links don’t work hence the post. They were dropped in as a tester because the clash appeared to be with depth and the navigation but I’m not convinced. The links aren’t blocked, links don’t appear to work on the main content area but do in the footer. Yes it needs some work and is not finished hence the request on the issues .
Thank you I’ll do a strip back tomorrow

i removed the split stack and the links work part from the Depth navigation , the links are there but not visible.
The blog is and was actually working fine, any suggestions on the styling , when you say a ‘mess’ are you referring to the layout or the code / Depth is the theme so I’m limited there and it had a footer stack , isn’t that quite normal for a RW site ?
Ill go back through everything and see what i can find.

I changed the page to foundation page and made a side bar menu. This doesn’t clash with the Blog page now. Its quite plain but its really to add seo content

Armadillo gets all it’s styling from the themes blog plugin styles. It was originally designed to be a replacement for the built in RapidWeaver blog plugin. Over the years it’s evolved into much more.

I don’t have depth, but I thought it should work fine with the built in blog. I’m not sure why you’re having issues with using Armadillo with the Depth theme.

As for the “plain” look you’re seeing, it’s because you are using foundations theme that was never intended to be used for the built in blog plugin. It doesn’t have any of the standard theme blog page CSS for styling the blog entries, tags, headlines, etc.
what you might do is build a small project file, and setup a sample built in blog with a few categories,tags etc. ta that small sample project and try changing the theme to different themes you have. If you find one that looks better than try publishing with it. It’s just easier to swap themes and preview with RapidWeaver and the built in blog plugin than republish with Armadillo.

I would probably try to figure out what exactly was the conflict with the Depth theme and address that firsthand.

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