Armadillo and RSS <discription>

I use Armadillo RSS for MailChimp. There isn’t any content between “discription tags” in the Armadillo RSS-feed file. And I can’t use a post summary. Why? How to include it?


I was looking at exactly the same thing yesterday!
I’d like to use an RSS feed stack to display the summary of the most recent blog post but the xml file only had titles and nothing else.
What do you reckon @nimblehost? Could it be done?

You can specify the RSS description in Armadillo’s Settings tab, under the Blog Settings section. Make sure to select the blog you want to edit from the drop down menu to the left (labeled, “Select Blog”), then open the Blog RSS section and enter your description in the Description box (don’t forget to click the “Save Settings” button afterwards).

Hope this helps.

Yes. It works for RSS feed blog (pages), but I can’t change description for post. How?

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